Sunday, October 25, 2015

My First Online Rant

I've decided to do this because I'm tired of people that can't accept the fact that what's done is done. A sore loser!! I've heard this particular person talks about what's going on in my life, as if he knows my life so well and he has the right to talk to other people about it mencari blog zombie

I mean come on, I'm not bothering you and I'm not talking about u or even sticking up my nose in your god damn private life. So please, stop talking to others about my life as if you are still part of it. Coz as far as I know, I've never told you about what's happening with me nowadays. So who the hell are you to go around telling other people about me.??? What..?? You're pissed off coz I'm happy with my life now? Or you're just pissed off coz you're not part of the reasons that is making my life happy now??

You know.. I wanted to stay friends with you but with the way you're acting right now, I have to think twice about that. Just take care of your life coz as far as I'm concern it's still in a mess. You've been telling me how you wanted to do things and change your life, so why don't you just go ahead and focus on doing that instead of poking your god damn nose in my god damn business... And one more thing.. You definitely don't want me to start hating you coz once I've started hating you, I'll hate you for the rest of my life!!! Capiche???

For the rest of you, pardon my language...... But I've stayed quiet long enough...

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